BobCat History

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  • Historical research in primary documents
  • Internet research in on-line databases
  • Genealogical Research
  • Consulting in Cultural Resource Management
  • Illustration and map-making

Areas of Expertise

  • Mining and industrial history
  • Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • US Southwest
  • Alaska

‚ÄčCatherine Holder Spude, PhD

  • Retired National Park Service Archaeologist.
  • Author of:
  • Non-fiction histories
  • Historical novels
  • Articles in professional journals and popular magazines
  • Government monographs in archaeology

Robert L. Spude, PhD

  • Retired National Park Service Historian
  • Author of :
  • Mining and industrial history essays
  • Articles in history journals
  • New Mexico history book
  • National Register Bulletin No. 42
  • Government monographs in history and architecture